Reasons for following AFFS on social media

There are three reasons.

  1. The more people who follow us, the more universities will pay attention to our work. If you believe free speech is under pressure in UK universities, simply by following us you will help the cause which is to foster free speech, irrespective of political slant.
  2. Following us makes it easy for you to see what we are doing. AFFS is a very active organisation given that we are run by three volunteers but we do not have an advertising budget so we have to rely on word-of-mouth promotion. This is effectively what social media is.
  3. Algorithms used by Twitter/X use data about how many people see and react to our tweets to decide how prominent they will be in feeds. The more engagement people have with our tweets, the more people will see them which is clearly good for getting our message out to the wider world.

So if you give us a test follow, knowing that you can unfollow us at any time, you’ll get to see a lot more about what AFFS is doing behind the scenes. We generally stick to commenting on free speech issues where they overlap with universities but we also comment on wider issues of free speech when they have broader implications that can spill over into academia.

To help things along even more, please like, retweet or comment on tweets that we publish.

If you do like what you see you can also choose to join our emailing list which is without obligation and entirely free. We tend to write about once a month but don’t always quite manage that. Our emails tend to be factual updates to specific campaigns we are pursuing and sometimes include relevant legal briefings.

So do, please, follow us now.