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Here is information about us.

Alumni for Free Speech (AFFS) is owned and overseen by DAFSC Ltd (registered in England, no. 14189200), a not-for-profit company dedicated to campaigning for free speech at UK universities and more widely. Registered office: 27 Old Gloucester St, London W1N 3AX. DAFSC has a group of free-speech-loving shareholders.

AFFS’ aims and work are described here. It will co-ordinate the planned association of university and college focused free speech campaigns described in this website.

AFFS will appoint a director to manage our operations and campaigning.

Committee: AFFS’s operations currently managed (pending appointment of a director) by a Committee consisting of university alumni. They are:

  • William Mackesy was a senior international corporate and regulatory lawyer. He helped set up the Free Speech Champions, is co-founder of AFFS and an alumnus of Oxford University.
  • Andrew Neish KC is a barrister based in London. He has a long-standing interest in free speech issues, is co-founder of AFFS and an alumnus of St Andrews University.
  • Bill Charlwood is a digital marketing consultant. He is in charge of AFFS’s technology and is an alumnus of Oxford University.

Advisory Board: AFFS is also developing an advisory board consisting of free speech campaigners and academics. Its first members are:

  • Professor James Tooley is Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham.
  • Professor Nigel Biggar is Emeritus Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford University.
  • Neil Thin is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and specialises in appreciative social planning, i.e. engaging multidisciplinary happiness and wellbeing scholarship in public policy and practice.

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Use of funds donated

DAFSC Ltd (as proprietor of AFFS) will use all funds given to it through this website and our Donate function to pay for AFFS’ work as described in this website, namely campaigning for free speech at higher education providers. This will include paying for staff and support, media and technology, advertising, promotion, relationships and fundraising, producing and commissioning legal and survey studies, other third party services and general running costs. DAFSC Ltd is a not-for-profit and any surplus from time to time may be given to other free speech causes.